Hometeka Modular House

Hometeka manages awesome architecture interior design projects that include modern products from coolest current sellers.

We bridge the gap between suppliers, architects and final consumers, delivering awesome houses in a vary rapid and efficient process.

Flexible and customizable

Hometeka Modular House allows the amount of
space you prefer.

The work is fast and sustainable: you can have solar panels to produce energy and to reuse rainwater in your new home. In addition, the different assemblies of prefabricated modules provide increased natural lighting and better air circulation, according to your needs.

When buying the project, you receive digital files and physical versions of technical drawings. All according to the plan you choose.

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Customization and Assembly

From the principal area, you can connect and combine the modules and divisions in several ways.

The basic module occupies 100m² on a plot of 360m². The house even has a balcony and terrace, unusual in prefabricated houses.

You can also adapt the modules and create as many rooms as are required - if the space is not enough, the house can be expanded sideways or upwards.

The proposal received Honorable Mention in the bim.bon Senai Award 2015.


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What are the payment terms?
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Can I build a House in any terrain?
The project needs to be adapted with the help of a responsible professional. The Topography studies and the structural project of the foundation must be provided by the customer.
The project comes with Technical Responsibility registration?
Yes. But beware: Approval in City Hall for the project is not included.

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