Hometeka Chassi House

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An architectural project to create your own house

Hometeka Chassi House was developed to reduce costs without losing quality. With an affordable price and fast delivery, the project uses prefabricated structures that allow you to create your own home.

The inspiration came from the automotive industry and some of the big names in architecture like Le Corbusier and Jean Prouvé. As with the chassis of a car, the project has a basic structure made of modules that can be selected, customized and assembled with ease.

The modules consist of pieces made in factories that are ready to fit on each other. This reduces the complications with workforce, rubble and expenses.

When purchasing the project you receive digital files and physical versions of technical drawings. According to the plan you choose.

The system allows you to choose the best option, according to your budget, dimensions and preferences.

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The idea of designing your own home seems encouraging, but it may get complicated with so many decisions to make. That's why the Hometeka Chassi House system comes with pre-defined house designs to choose from.

The architects have developed 16 additional modules with different options for living rooms, kitchens, rooms and environments for special services, which can generate an unlimited number of combinations. There are also several varieties of colors, qualities and roofs.

It’s more than just a residential unit; Hometeka Chassi House can be used in any architectural requirement. The project can be used for bars, restaurants, stores, schools, offices and even for renovations.

Check the floor made for the bim.bon Senai Award 2015.


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What are the payment terms?
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Can I build a House in any terrain?
The project needs to be adapted with the help of a responsible professional. The Topography studies and the structural project of the foundation must be provided by the customer.
The project comes with Technical Responsibility registration?
Yes. But beware: Approval in City Hall for the project is not included.

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